Hape Wonder Walker

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About HaPe International Drawing on decades of child development expertise, HaPe (pronounced hah-pay) International is sensitive to children’s needs whenever they develop and design a new toy. Their toys support children throughout every stage of development. This support starts at a very young age to help nurture and develop their natural abilities. HaPe International’s first priority is to encourage children in their individual development through building their self esteem. With their high-quality toys and games, they support children as they play, learn, interact and grow. HaPe understands that children’s social, emotional, intellectual and physical health is a key issue, not only for parents but also for a healthy society. That’s why they take this responsibility very seriously and conduct a wide range of toy safety tests. The result is safe, exciting, stimulating toys. Setback wheels provide a sturdy base for pulling up. Unique design makes pushing a breeze and encourages first steps. Moveable knobs, gears and colorful balls turn it into a busy-box on wheels. Made with FSC-certified wood and child-safe water based paint. Recommended for infants 12 – 36 months.

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From the Manufacturer

This balanced Wonder Walker from Hape provides a sturdy base for pulling up, and a unique design that makes pushing a breeze. Moveable knobs, gears, and colorful balls are a part of five on-board activities and turn it into a busy-box on wheels. The activity walker’s carefully designed rubber-trimmed setback wheels will protect floors. Easy, 15-minute assembly. Durable child safe paint finish and solid wood construction are hallmarks of Hape toys. Hape’s toys stimulate children through every stage of development and help nurture and develop their natural abilities. All Hape products sold in North America meet or exceed all applicable safety standards.

Reviews from Amazon :

We got this for our 9 month old for Christmas, and she loves it. It’s surprisingly sturdy, she can pull herself up to standing without it tipping over, and she even managed to climb inside of it and stand on it like it was a segway without it tipping or rolling (obviously not the recommended use!). It’s also designed so that it doesn’t squish her when she occasionally tips backwards. My older nieces and nephew were using it as a doll stroller, so I have no doubt that our daughter will use it for years to come.

It was incredibly easy to assemble, the 15 minute estimated time for assembly is a huge overestimation, it couldn’t have taken me more than 5 minutes.

Our only complaint is that the gears are made of plastic instead of wood. The models we’ve seen in stores had wooden gears, and the product description mentions wood construction, so we were expecting that the gears on our model would be wooden too. Otherwise it’s an awesome product!