Kids Love Replogle Globe 4 Kids – 10 In. Diam.

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Explore more than 125 drawings of people, landmarks and animals on this kid friendly political map. Turn the light on to see physical map showing hidden aquatic animals such as lanter fish and ship wrecks such as Titanic. The illuminated globe also shows areas of tectonic plates of the Earth. Find the Pacific Ring of Fire showing earthquakes, volcanic activity, mountain-building, and oceanic trench formation. This globe will become a perfect companion to any childs imagination.

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Customer reviews from Amazon :

We thought the price was high for this, but when we read that it lights up to show even more than most globes, we thought it would be worth it. Our children, ages six and eight, have enjoyed discovering new things by using it. We home-school and thought this was a good investment for now and in the future. I think this would be good for anyone with children, as it can be an excellent hands-on learning tool. We have ours sitting in our living room so it’s easy to access. Our kids will sit down and study it for fun! We use it as a night light to encourage an interest.

Things that the description did not include and I wanted to know are: 1) When lit up in the daylight one can easily see the things that it shows (ring of fire, underwater creatures, etc.) 2) The light bulb is easy to remove and is just a ‘night-light’ type of bulb, which can be bought anywhere and is inexpensive.

We’ve only had it for a few months and we’ve referred to it many times both with home-schooling and in general discussion. It’s fun, beautiful, and easy to read and use. You will not be sorry! We sure aren’t!! 🙂

Bought it for an 8 year old. He likes that it lights up from the inside. One thing I would change would be to remove all the pictures of fish, cowboys, oil rigs, etc. It’s meant to tell kids what’s important to an area, but it clutters up the maps and makes it more difficult to find the city, state, country you’re looking for.

He loved it! His fascination with geography, names and locations of countries, seas, etc. make this a perfect gift. He spends many happy hours studying all the information that this globe provides and we are delighted with its sturdiness. Thank you for making it available.

I ordered this for my 3 year old nephew. He couldn’t get enough. The light up effect really adds an extra quality of intrigue for wanting to play with it and learn. I looked A LOT of globes online and this one ended up being a great size and great for kids that are just learning. I was worried that it would be too simplistic, but it has all the countries and major cities. The little whales and such are a very cute addition, but nothing seems to be removed to make room for them, which I was glad about. I kind of want one for myself.

The only thing I would suggest for future productions is to have the globe clasp into the frame more securely. It is fine the way it is. Globes are meant to be stationary and just spin so it’s not a big concern, but it would add an extra bit of security. 3 year olds can be rough with things sometimes.